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Bachelor party in the heart of Oslo. Activities and serving for the group.


Operation Mindfall

A perfect activity where you compete for points. We are the first in Norway to offer this unique and fun game. Outdoor escape-game with a “drinking pause” in between.



We are the first in the Nordics to introduce lasertag. Several thousand bachelor parties have visited Megazone. A fun activity suitable for the bachelor party.


Indoor Paintball

Are you a tough crew that can take a few bruises? If so, you’re welcome to test Indoor Paintball at Megazone in the center of Oslo. Lots of adrenaline and lots of fun.


Outdoor Paintball

We have the largest outdoor paintball field in Oslo, with only a 15 minute drive out of the city center. Here you can gather the crew for a great day in the forest. We provide all the equipment you need to play.


3- / 5- Match

In our lower floor in central Oslo we have a double mechanical bull, obstacle course, q-tip fencing and sumo suits. We put these activities together with lasertag or indoor paintball.


Paintball equipment rental

We are Oslo’s biggest and cheapest rental place for paintball equipment. Mask, marker, gas tank and bullets. You decide how long you want to rent.