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Operation Mindfall

We’re looking forward to letting you try Operation Mindfall. We are the first in Oslo to offer this entirely unique concept. With GPS and AR technology you will be handed all the equipment you need before the trip goes out to the streets of Oslo. A short stop has been added during the game for you to have a brief refill.

You will meet to the appointed time with us inside at Megazone. Briefing and handing out of equipment. Remember to assign teams before arrival. 5 people on each team.
Dress according to weather. For groups larger than 60 people, we will have a briefing outside of our facilities. This will be agreed upon later.
For groups larger than 150 people, we can also bring the equipment to you. Feel free to contact us if desired.

Home page: www.Operationmindfall.no

Possibly Oslo’s coolest teambuilding – ready agents?
Check available capacity and book below.