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Book drop-in for your group. Then you will ensure there is room for you.


Operation Mindfall

Do you really want to put your teamwork skills to the test? We are the first in Norway to offer this unique and fun interactive game. Outdoor Escape-game!



We are the first in the Nordics to introduce lasertag. Several thousand groups of friends have played lasertag at our facilities. A fun activity suitable for everyone.


Indoor Paintball

Are you a tough crew that can handle a few bruises? If so, you are welcome to try Indoor Paintball. Rubber bullets! Lots of adrenaline and lots of fun.


Outdoor Paintball

We have the largest outdoor paintball field in Oslo, with only a 15 minute drive out of the city center. Here you can gather the crew for a great day in the forest. We provide all the equipment you need to play.


1,2 or 3-activities

In our lower floor in central Oslo we have a double mechanical bull, obstacle course, q-tip fencing and sumo suits. This can be combined with lasertag or indoor paintball.