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Are you ready for a real challenge?

A perfect activity for groups of friends, bachelor parties, school classes or teambuilding for your business! Megazone has the pleasure of presenting Operation Mindfall, a unique experience you won’t forget anytime soon. This a a variant of the popular Escape Room concept, except you are not locked in. You will go out and explore Oslo!

3-5 people per team will take on advanced technology and technological tasks in this AR and GPS-location based game. The team will recieve all the information they need from an encrypted iPad handed out from us. A suitcase filled with equipment you will need during your mission will also be provided.

This is a unique experience and Megazone is the first in Norway to offer this type of activity from Cluetivity.

This game can also be played in english!

Bring your familiy on an outdoor adventure!

Magic Portal is our other outdoor escape room game. The game uses the same technology as Operation Mindfall. You will be given an iPad and a suitcase with loads of exciting equipment that you will need during the game.

This is a a game suitable for families and birthdays. Groups of friends can also give it a shot if interested. The game is located around nearby parks in downtown Oslo with minimum car traffic. A safe game for all ages.

The portal is open and the world as we know it must be saved from evil monsters. Help the elf-police solve the puzzles. Can you shut the portal in time?

The game is a bit challenging, so there must be an adult to accompany the children when they play. This is not only to play safe in the streets of Oslo, but also to aid in solving some of the tasks.