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Indoor Paintball

Indoor Paintball is played in the labyrinth at Megazone

The labyrinth is constructed to be used for both Indoor Paintball and Lasertag. To create more action, we use smoke machines and play music while you play. This helps raise the adrenaline levels and make it more challenging for everyone. To play Indoor Paintball in the labyrinth is a bit like clearing a building in urban combat. By planning tactics ahead, you can cover and aid each other to achieve more hits through cooperation.

Intense experience

Compared to traditional paintball this is more intense with more adrenaline over a shorter timespan. You can play up to 16 players per game of Indoor Paintball. As normal when it comes to playing paintball, the age limit is 18 years old (13 years old limit with written or present approval from parent or legal guardian)

Luminescent rubber bullets

Indoor Paintball is played with luminescent rubber bullets (reball) instead of liquid contained plastic balls. This means less spills and less laundry. Since the bullets can be reused over and over again, it means that there is no limit on number of bullets per game either – fill your magazine and get into the game!

Benefits of Indoor Paintball:
  • Not dependent on weather (we play inside)
  • Shoot as much as you want with no extra cost “Free bullets”
  • You won’t get dirty (rubber bullets)
  • Team score after every game
  • Audio- and lighting effects
  • Discount on multiple games

We’re looking forward to welcoming you and let you try Indoor Paintball at Megazone!