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Lasertag Oslo

When playing lasertag at Megazone you will be given a vest to strap on, followed by a blaster to equip.

Get you and your team ready to enter the labyrinth, where music is pumping, smoke is flowing and the strobelights blend with laser beams. Swiftness and cunning counts, and teamwork is preferable. Plan your tactics where you cover and support each other – playing as a team is essential to victory. For many people lasertag is a first experience that you can unite as one functioning team – and that’s a fun experience!

Some details about lasertag at Megazone:

The tagvest has 5 different lighting sensors that register hits from laser beams. The registered hits give the players individual score after the game has ended. Lasertag takes place in two large labyrinths with high levels of interaction, visual effects like lights, sound and smoke. The objective of game is to hit your opponents’ vests with your blaster’s laser beam to earn points. After the game is finished the results are revealed, both for the team and individually.

Lasertag at Megazone is neither dangerous nor difficult.

The players you play alongside or play against is what determines the difficulty. No game of lasertag is the same. The game is always challenging. The lasers used by Megazone have all been approved and classified as harmless by The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. (DSA) It’s important for Megazone to mention that we are not putting anyone in danger with our lasers, as they are one of the safest classes and doesn’t expose the eyes to too much light.

Lasertag is suitable for every kind of group looking to have some fun;

Birthday parties, bachelor parties, company parties or friends. In addition it’s entirely possible to show up for a drop-in game – though we recommend that you contact us ahead to check in if we have room.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and let you play some lasertag