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Outdoor Paintball in Oslo


The Paintballpark is located at Hellerudsletta which is right by E6 northbound towards Gardermoen. Use the off-ramp to Hvam and Kjeller. Only a 15 minute drive out of the center of Oslo. Perfect activity for bachelor parties, groups of friends and businesses. We have heard several times that we are Oslo’s most reasonably priced and the most awesome from those who have played a lot, you should definitely test this out!

Suitable for everyone

The best thing about Paintball is that it’s a game for every gender or age. (all players must have turned at least 15 years old with written permission from a parent or legal guardian until turned 18.) Games can be arranged so that everyone gets to play as much as possible and have equal odds regardless of marker, experience and physical limitations. When certain simple and basic security rules are being followed, paintball is very safe. Injuries are incredibly rare. In competitions of the “professional” class there are much strictrer rules in play with instructors and referees.

Lagspill, capture the flag og “Rabbit hunt”.

One of the most common game scenarios is to split into 2 teams. The winning team is the one to shoot and eliminate all players on the opposing team. One hit will eliminate a player, regardless of where you are hit, including the marker (weapon). When a team has won, the game starts over shortly with new chances and possibilites. To increase the game length for everyone you can also play with several lives. “Capture The Flag” is a world renown game scenario and can be fun to try out! Another popular choice is to have a “Rabbit Hunt” towards the end. Everyone lines up and shoots at the groom who tries to get from point A to point B. This might not be for everyone as you can expect multiple bruises.

Teambuilding, bachelor parties or group of friends?

Paintball is well suited for social events, kickoff, activity day with customers or employees. Teamwork is imperative, and you will get the opportunity to test your abilities in cooperation and swift decision-making in stressful situations. Abroad, for example England, paintball is actually regularly used in association with leadership development courses. Naturally also a “must” for every bachelor party.

Do we need our own equipment?

We will provide you with all the equipment you need to play outdoor paintball. Markers (weapon) with magazine and air tanks, mask that covers face, ears and neck. Single-use overalls can also be purchased. You can bring gloves if you want, thought it is not a necessity. Dress up for being active. You will get hot from playing!

We’re looking forward to seeing you and let you test out our Outdoor Paintball arena in Oslo at Hellerudsletta.